Wednesday 14 August 2013

Yellowstone NP

The drive down to Yellowstone was a lot like Mount Rushmore, long, straight roads for miles. I did enjoy the burrito we had on the way there. (This is us actually leaving Yellowstone...

...and leaving our cute yellow hut)
Our cute little yellow hut which we stayed in for two nights.
Waiting for Old Faithful to go off and he sure did take his time. James looks like he is about to fall asleep!

Something is happening, look behind you!
When it did go off it was quite amazing 

Now going off for a trek to look at 200 feet high view of Old Faithful
Look what we saw among the way, a chipmunk
Come on, nearly there!
Just a little further and Ild Faithful look like he was ready for another eruption!
And there you go. It was worth the climb.

Day 2: Going to Grand Teton NP

Once again family bullying the youngest !
Beautiful view of the Grand Teton mountain range.
We weren't even looking at each other 
One stinky hole because sulphur smelling like EGG

A view of the Yellowstone's Grand Canyon behind me 

The Lower Falls of Grand Canyon on Yellowstone. Mum had firm grip of me.
........anddddd bisons. "You lookin' at me?"

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