Sunday 18 August 2013

'The best place on Earth' Vancouver

Our lovely welcome to 'The best place on Earth'.
After our very long travel to Canada, we need a lie down and then some food so we went out for some fish and chips at a sport bar called Wings. Food was yummy!

Posing at the harbour 

Making our way along the streets of Vancouver after Starbucks 

Skyline of Vancouver from Stanley Park. Blue sky at last!

We went to see the Totem poles at Stanley Park. It looks like I have one growing out of my shoulder.

Under Lion Gate Bridge. Messing about on benches. 

We went to the beach which leads onto the Pacific Ocean

We decided to explore further afield. We bought a take away pizza and found a secluded beach to eat it. The pizza was yummy, the beach was tranquil and the view was stunning.
"There's sand in my boot !"
We went to Red Bull mountain bike event, in the 2010 Winter Olympic park at Whistler. 
It's was packed

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