Sunday 4 August 2013

The lost days in Chicago

When we arrived in Chicago I was not very well so I'm sorry if I look really green. This is me at the top of Willis Tower the tallest building in Northern hemisphere after having been in the longest queue in the Northern hemisphere.
My mum persuaded me to go out on the ledge. I thought it was exciting but at the same time it made me queasy but that could just have been my current state of health.
I had to sit down in the shade and my mum looked after me in the Millennium Park. 
We had lots of fun in and around The Cloud Gate, taking photos of our distorted reflections in the sunshine.
Everywhere we looked there were lovely views. 
On our second day in Chicago we went to the Chicago Institute of Art. We were supposed to go the day before but I wasn't up to it. I was feeling slightly better today. This was the entrance is Millennium  Park. Not a cloud in the sky!
The sun was so bright, we had to wear shades.
Mum and I walked around together. We saw some paintings by some of our favourite painters.
No idea but I liked it!
You will be pleased to know that as I write this I'm feeling MUCH better!

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