Saturday 27 July 2013

Day 2: Seeing the sights of NYC

First stop was the subway, where we bought tickets for our adventure today. First destination was the Freedom Tower at the World Trade Center. As we came up to daylight, I was blown away by its beauty, the way the light reflected on the mirrored glass. We walked around the Memorial Visitors Center and then moved on the Battery Park.

At Battery Park we bought tickets and caught the Ferry to Liberty Island to see Lady Liberty. I was speechless at her beauty and the inspiration she brings to people. I couldn't believe I was seeing close up an icon I have known for years. However more unbelievable was the queue to get off the island!

Finally when back in Manhattan and after a burger lunch we took the subway again to Grand Central Station. We took the usual photos and I found a Swatch shop and bought myself a stylish watch. Need to keep an eye on it because my mum wants it! We took a few steps to the Chrysler building looked inside the lobby. It is a work of art.

After a break back at the hotel, where I rested my legs and fell into deep sleep, we took the subway again this time to Brooklyn and we walked back over the bridge. It was great but you took your life in your hands as the bikes whizzed by. Our last night in NYC, next stop Philadelphia tomorrow.

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  1. Those Iowa State shirts look great. Go Cyclones!!

    As you've probably found on your trip, Americans worship their college sports teams just as passionately as Brits follow their football teams.